Patio Covers

Designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in Alberta, our patio covers provide outdoor living space.

They are primarily composed of acrylic panels in between very strong aluminium rafters.

The specialized panels shield the deck from heat and harmful solar rays (they will not make your deck or patio unbearably hot during the summer), yet they are transparent to the sky and allow natural light to flow through.

These are all key considerations when deciding to place any type of roof structure over your deck or patio: if it won’t resist heat or harmful solar rays, then you’ll hardly use the deck during the prime spring and summer seasons, and if it is solid and opaque it will make the whole covered area dark and also make the interior of your home darker.

Sun-Protection Projects patio covers are renowned for the comfort they provide, the natural light that flows through, the sensational view to the sky, their structural strength and integrity, and their visual appeal (they are low-profile and aesthetically pleasing to the eye).

Our patio cover system can also be used as deck railings around the perimeter of decks, and to create a wall on one or both sides of decks (i.e. to block wind or to enhance privacy).

Note: Companies do not all sell the same materials — there are all kinds of different products out there at various price points. Be aware that many ‘deck covering’ materials:

  • Magnify the heat of the sun onto the surface of the deck (we often hear the complaint “we can’t use our deck in the summertime”)
  • Are not transparent to the sky
  • Block natural light (make the whole area dark)
  • Discolour over time due to exposure to UV solar rays
  • Look like awkward, bulky add-ons to homes
  • Are unable to stand up to Alberta’s climate

We recommend doing your research to find the types of materials that will best suit your family’s specific needs.