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Restaurants, bars, and club houses: ideal enhancements for outdoor patios

Outdoor patios are an appealing and popular, if not integral, feature of restaurants and bars, although they only provide increased seating capacity for about 4 or 5 months per year, especially during the peak spring and summer seasons. Even within those 4 or 5 months, however, the patio has to be shut down on all the many days that feature cooler temperatures, gusting wind, and rain, which leaves that valuable square footage all the more idle and unproductive for your business.

Sun-Protection Projects can enhance your outdoor patio by enclosing it as either a screen room or sunroom. That way, you can use your outdoor patio, without interruption, for up to 12 months of each and every year, whether your concern is operating your business during adverse weather or providing safe and effective outdoor dining areas during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

If the patio is enclosed as a screen room, outdoor patio heaters can be used within the structure and they will be greatly more effective than they are when the entire patio is open to the sky. Outdoor grills and BBQs can also be used within our screen rooms to create unique and exciting dining experiences. Plus, by blocking gusts of wind, napkins aren’t blowing all over the place and hot dishes won’t quickly become cold and unpleasant to eat.

If the patio is enclosed as a sunroom, your guests will supremely enjoy this exquisite and immensely comfortable indoor dining area that will be infused with natural light and provide a bright, clear view to the outside. They will also have the reassurance of dining in privacy since the panels are very difficult to see through from the outside. They will enjoy the experience of dining in indoor comfort as though they are sitting outdoors. Any size of windows can be framed into our sunrooms — they are pre-tinted to match the sunroom panels and can be located in specific places to generate pleasant cross-breezes throughout the interior of the sunroom.

Here are just some of the benefits your business will realize from enhancing its outdoor patio area by enclosing with either a screen room or sunroom:

  • Creation of a beautiful and immensely comfortable dining area that will inspire more consumption of food and beverages, and motivate guests to want to return to your establishment time and again.
  • Provision of a work area that is safe and efficient for employees, without any need for them to work in adverse weather conditions or to deal with the calamity of having to suddenly transition customers from the outdoor patio to the inside every time the weather turns nasty. There will also be no need for them to shovel snow from the outdoor patio, nor to constantly stack outdoor furniture, nor to move outdoor furniture back and forth from outside to inside over and over again.
  • Certainty of knowing that your outdoor patio will be available for use and enjoyment, instead of having to guess and wonder whether the weather will be decent enough on any given afternoon or evening, which will enable you to confidently and reliably book reservations for that space.
  • Significantly increased ‘curb appeal’ for your business, which will help draw customers to your establishment — our materials are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Obstruction to illicit ‘dine and dash’ events — our screen rooms and sunrooms fully enclose the patio, which prevents unwanted ingress and egress (although doors can be framed in, if desired).
  • Elimination of the need for guests to wear sunscreen and insect repellent — our acrylic panels block harmful solar rays to protect your guests from sunburns and your furniture from fading, while both our screen rooms and sunrooms are fully-enclosed to keep insects, pests, and other airborne debris outside.

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