Screen rooms

Designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in Alberta, our screen rooms provide outdoor living space.

Our screen rooms are composed of a patio cover for the roof and solar screen for the walls (the screen can also enclose areas that are already covered):

  • The patio cover shields the deck from heat and solar rays (it will not make your deck or patio unbearably hot during the summer), yet the panels are are transparent and allow natural light to flow through. These are all key considerations when deciding to place any type of roof structure over your deck or patio: if it won’t resist heat or harmful solar rays, then you’ll hardly use the screen room during the prime spring and summer seasons, and if it is solid and opaque it will make the interior of the screen room unpleasantly dark and also make the interior of your home darker.
  • The solar screen walls are heavy-duty and block a huge percentage of wind, snow, rain, and heat, yet they allow fresh outdoor air to permeate the interior of the screen room. They are so strong that they are certified for use on second-storey decks without handrails, and they will not deteriorate under constant exposure to UV solar rays.

The complete unit is a brightly-lit and exceptionally comfortable outdoor living room that is free of adverse weather, insects, pests, and other airborne debris.

Your family can enjoy eating meals inside the screen room without napkins blowing all over the place and without your food quickly becoming cold. Plus, you can use your BBQ and patio heaters inside our screen rooms, and all of your furniture can be left out there year-round without any need to move and store it indoors every autumn. The screen room will function for you even during the winter months: there will be no snow to shovel off the deck and the solar screen will block the majority of nasty windchill.

Our screen rooms are very popular among Alberta families as they provide an elegant confined space in which children can safely play — without any need for sunscreen or insect repellent.

If you’re looking for outdoor living space for your home that your family will love and use all the time, then our screen rooms might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Note: Companies do not all sell the same materials — there are all kinds of different products out there at various price points. Just be aware that many ‘deck covering’ materials:

  • Magnify the heat of the sun onto the surface of the deck (we often hear the complaint “we can’t use our deck in the summertime”)
  • Are not transparent to the sky
  • Block natural light (make the whole area dark)
  • Look like awkward, bulky add-ons to homes
  • Are unable to stand up to Alberta’s climate

We recommend doing your research to find the types of materials that will best suit your family’s specific needs.