Designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in Alberta, our sunrooms provide indoor living space.

We offer 3-season and 4-season sunrooms. The difference is that 4-season sunrooms have two layers of panels that create an insulation factor, which will keep the interior of the sunroom warm during the winter. With a single layer of panels, a 3-season sunroom will become cold during the winter.

Our sunrooms are primarily composed of acrylic panels in between very strong aluminium rafters. The specialized panels shield the interior of the room from heat and harmful solar rays (it will not be unbearably hot during the summer), yet they are transparent to the sky and allow natural light to flow through. These features are critical to ensuring that everyone and everything within the sunroom will be protected from excessive heat and the effects of damaging solar rays.

The panels also provide significant privacy from outside observers since they appear to be very dark. However, the view from inside the sunroom is spectacularly bright and clear with natural light pouring in. The visual effect is of being outside while you have all of the comfort of being inside.

Our sunrooms make for immensely comfortable indoor living space that Alberta families love — there is simply no more appealing or functional way to increase the interior square footage of your home.

We supply sunrooms in the traditional curved shape, in square/box shapes, or any other custom designs our customers wish. They can attach to an exterior wall of your home or function as a stand-alone structure, such as to enclose a swimming pool. They can also be constructed within (or as a replacement for) the exterior walls of a home or other structure. Our materials are the most versatile and durable in the industry — they can accommodate any shape and size.

Many different options are available with our sunrooms, including pony walls, windows, doors, vents, and heater/AC units, which means that your family can customize your sunroom so that it is exactly how you want it to be.

Sun-Protection Projects sunrooms are truly the ultimate in indoor living spaces.

Note: Companies do not all sell the same materials — there are all kinds of different products out there at various price points. Be aware that many ‘deck covering’ materials:

  • Magnify the heat of the sun onto the surface of the deck (we often hear the complaint “we can’t use our deck in the summertime”)
  • Are not transparent to the sky
  • Block natural light (make the whole area dark)
  • Look like awkward, bulky add-ons to homes
  • Unable to stand up to Alberta’s climate

We recommend doing your research to find the types of materials that will best suit your family’s specific needs.